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Proceeding of International Conference
Shunya Izumi, Tetsushi Ueta, Secret Sharing Scheme Using Chaotic Neural Network, The Research Institute of Signal Processing Japan, Proc. NCSP2021, 1-4, Online, Mar. 2021.
Abstract: To avoid risks about transportation of secret keys for the chaos common-key encryption scheme, we proposed a chaos-based secret sharing scheme. However it is designed by a one-dimensional difference equation, so the threshold of the scheme has to be lowered. The risk of leaking the plaintext is higher compared to the conventional secret sharing scheme. In this paper, we will propose a secret sharing scheme using the high-dimensional chaotic neuron model. Since the config- uration of this model is chargeable, the whole dimension can be chosen. By changing the dimension, the number of shares required for decoding, that is the threshold, can be adjusted. The effect of changing the dimensionality of the model on the variance and recovery results is confirmed. The performance is evaluated by comparing with the previous study.

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