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Proceeding of International Conference
Miho Ogura, Tetsushi Ueta, A Cryptographic Hash Function Based on a Chaotic Map, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Proc. NOLTA 2020, Nov. 2020.
Abstract: In a chaotic system, the sensitivity of the initialvalues, and a uniform distribution of mapped points aredesirable properties for hashing. In the conventional hashfunctions based on chaotic maps, an initial key given by theparameter values or initial state is required, however, theexistence of this initial key becomes a certain vulnerability.We developed a key-less hashing function based on a tentmap iteration. The parameter values and the initial valuesare obtained by exclusive-ORing each 32-bit character with64 constants. We evaluate its security and performance bythe confusion-diffusion analysis. The results assert that theproposed function is better than SHA-256 under appropriateconditions.

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