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Proceeding of International Conference
Atsuo Maki, Yuuki Maruyama, Naoya Umeda, Yuu Miino, Toru Katayama, Masahiro Sakai, Tetsushi Ueta, A perspective on theoretical estimation of stochastic nonlinear rolling, Proc. of 17th International Ship Stability Workshop, 39-46, Helsinki, June 2019.
Abstract: Development of the probabilistic assessment method for nonlinear ship motion in irregular seas is essential. Particularly, theoretical based method is useful for practical and wider application such as stability evaluation in preliminary design stage. In this research, the method in which Monte Carlo Simulation and theoretical method were combined is newly proposed. Here, from the limited number of Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) realizations, the unknown coefficients containing in the theoretically obtained non-Gaussian probability density function (PDF) were successfully determined. In this research, the results on roll motion in beam sea condition and parametric rolling in longitudinal waves were shown. Then, it was found that this approach is capable of determining the PDF, and the tail of the obtained PDF shows good agreement with the theoretical results.

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