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Proceeding of International Conference
Kohei Kawanaka, Felicia Misamanana Rabarison, Hiroki Tanioka, Masahiko Sano, Kenji Matsuura, Tetsushi Ueta, Improving Animal Recognition Accuracy using Image De-fencing, IIAI, The 7th International Conference on Smart Computing and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI 2019), 534-537, Toyama, July 2019.
Abstract: When a computer recognizes an animal on an image, an accuracy of animal recognition decreases if a part of the animals body is covered by fences. On the other hand, when a human recognizes an object on the image, it is known to be possible to remove the fences and supplement the removed areas, and recognize the object, even if a part of the object is covered by fences. In this research, we aim to improve the accuracy of animal recognition using de-fencing on computer.

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