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Proceeding of International Conference
Kyosuke Miyamoto, Daisuke Ito, Hiroyuki Asahara, Takuji Kousaka, Tetsushi Ueta, Hiroshi Kawakami, Circuit Experiments for Bifurcation of TimeWaveforms on Forced LED Fireflies, Proc. NOLTA 2015, 836-839, Hong Kong, Dec. 2015.
Abstract: Creatures with rhythm phenomenon is shown mutual emphasis and combination, this is called synchronization phenomenon that is one of typical phenomenon in nonlinear systems. As the example of creatures causing synchronization phenomenon, there are group emissions of light of fireflies and chorus of crickets [1] [2] [3]. In this paper, we observe bifurcation phenomenon of periodic solutions on forced LED fireflies that constructed from an RC square wave generator with a periodic external force in order to simulate the synchronization of fireflies. On forced LED fireflies, characteristic periodic solutions called isolation periodic solution is observed at broad parameter regions. It can be considered these solutions causes synchronization phenomenon. Waveforms and periods of them are changed by border-collision bifurcations that are occurred by varying the frequency of an external force. Moreover, chaotic waveforms are observed at certain parameters. There can observe chaos waveform by a certain parameter.

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