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Proceeding of International Conference
Fatima Guezar El, Hassane Bouzahir, Tetsushi Ueta, Pascal Acco, Chaos in a Switched Dynamical System: Scicos as a Modeler and Simulator, Proc. NOLTA'07, 164-167, Vancouver, Sep. 2007.
Abstract: In this paper, we explore some modeling capabilities of Scicos. Our aim is to generate chaos from a simple hybrid dynamical system. We give the chaotic dynamics of the current-programmed boost converter in open-loop circuit as a case study. By considering two bifurcation parameters the current reference and the voltage input, we observe that the obtained Scicos simulations show that the boost converter is prone to subharmonic behavior and chaos. We also present the corresponding bifurcation diagrams. We use Scicos because it provides a much clearer understanding of the way the model will behave during simulation reducing considerably the risk of ambiguity.

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