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Proceeding of International Conference
Hassane Bouzahir, El Fatima Guezar, Tetsushi Ueta, On Scicos simulation of a hybrid dynamical system, Proc. NDES2007, 62-65, Tokushima, July 2007.
Abstract: This paper reports on a numerical study of an example of piecewise linear systems that constitute a class of hybrid systems. Precisely, we study the dynamics of the current-programmed boost converter circuit in an open-loop. Our modeling techniques are based on the new French native modeler and simulator for hybrid systems called Scicos (Scilab Connected Object Simulator) which is a Scilab (Scientific Laboratory) package. Scicos provides a much clearer understanding of the way the model will behave during simulation reducing considerably the risk of ambiguity. Taking into account the hybrid nature of the circuit is also a new approach in this paper.

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