DSP imprementation of Chen's equation

DSP Texas Instruments TMS320C3x DSP Starter KIT (DSK)
50MHz 32Bit floating point 25MIPS, 50MFLOPS
internal RAM: 2K word
extensions external SRAM: 32K word (256kBit * 4)
16Bit stereo audio CODEC, sampling rate 4kHz-50kHz
Host specificaitons
CPU Pentium2-300MHz
Memory 160MB
OS FreeBSD-4.1 or VineLinux-2.1
C compiler gcc

We would like to emphasize that all DSP codes have been developed by only C language with GNU C/C++ compiler. No DSP assembler is needed. The authors also examined simulations on TMS320C6211DSK (fixed point DSP) by using Code Composer Studio 1.02.

x - y phase portrait
x - z phase portrait
scene of the laboratory experiment
We show snapshots of an analog synchroscope since the view of digital synchroscope is wearisome for a presentaion :-P Other chaotic autonomous system has been examined, e.g., Rossler, and Lorenz equation. Output of a linear combination of any state can be constructed easily.
Directed by: T. Ueta and A. Tsuji, Jan. 2001.